Friday, May 16, 2014


It's been busy as usual here on the farm! 
Our last frost date has passed, yet we had a Freeze Warning AGAIN last night, which has pretty much halted planting, so work on the garden has mostly amounted to keeping the weeds at bay lately!
We're anxiously awaiting the cattle coming to our pastures, and have been finishing up fencing another pasture we hope to have calves in this year. We are also in the middle of remodeling the first room of our new (old) house! It seems like there's always so much going on, which is wonderful because we love to be busy!

This morning was pretty chilly outside so I was admiring all the little plants still under grow lights and in windows inside the house. I had quite a few herbs that really needed to get transplanted into pots. Unfortunately, I ran out of flower pots (the problem, of course, is not enough pots, it is NOT too many plants!). So I was considering running into the second hand store in town to see if they had any I could pick up for cheap. However, with all these other projects going, the budget is even tighter than usual right now and I felt a little guilty about spending anything. I went walking around outside to see if there were any empty flower pots I had overlooked (nope) and eventually ended up by one of the old my experience, you can always find something great in the barn!

Sure enough, plenty of treasures in there! I found a couple of old flower pots (chipped, but we'll call that "character"), an old enamelware bowl/pot, and an unused tool box. 
After a little scrubbing....

Great new little herb gardens!

It's warming up out there now, so I'm off to work on some of those weeds in the garden! Have a beautiful afternoon!

I love repurposing, what do you repurpose?

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Friday, May 9, 2014


Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful Spring day! We've been having some great weather, and finally even a little rain. The garden is coming along and the balcony is filled with herbs and tomatoes! It's such a wonderful time of year!

We also have something extra to celebrate here on the farm today. It's an Unbirthday! 

We have a few Unbirthdays each year and every year I'm so very thankful for them. Because, you see, an Unbirthday for me is the day I got one of my siblings. They came into my life as foster children and the day they came to our house is their Unbirthday. They were actually part of our family before I was born, and I can't imagine life without them.

I can't even imagine how scary it must have been for a child to be driven down this road by a social worker to a house full of strangers and an unknown life.

Little did they know they were being taken to a family who was waiting with open arms to love them and care for them. They were about to get a set of parents, grandparents, and siblings.

Not to mention chickens, cows, horses, and other assorted farm animals!

But what we got was even better. We got the amazing opportunity to have these beautiful people in our lives.
I got  to have a sister to read me stories at night. And one to make me laugh and bake cookies with me.

And a brother, whose Unbirthday it is today. He is one of the most amazing, awe-inspiring people I have ever met. He is kind, generous, smart, brave, full of life, so many things, and every time I'm with him I think that I hope I can be even half the person he is.

If he were writing this I know he would talk about all the things he learned with our family on the farm.

But for me, it's all about everything I've learned from having him in my life. Like how much we can overcome if we are full of faith and love, and hope. And how one person can light up a whole room. And how hard I can laugh sitting around telling stories with my family about the adventures of our childhoods.

 Mom used to hold his hand to help him along the rocky roads of life, now he holds her hand, and all of our hearts.

Happy Unbirthday, Big Bro!

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