Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fairy Gardens

I don't know about you, but this time of year I really crave some green around the house. As in plants. Live, green, vibrant plants that remind me that Spring will be coming eventually.  Combine this with the kids being on Christmas break and needing some fun ways to fill the days, and Fairy Gardens are the perfect project! Or if you have boys who make faces when you say "fairy" they can be Elf Gardens. Of course, you could also just make these yourself and call them cactus gardens! Whichever you do, they're fun to make and add that much needed green to the house!

We got some succulents and cactus from a (semi) local greenhouse (which my cousin happens to own, so we actually got ours as a gift!).

You can use just about any kind of pot/container as long as it has drainage. We used 8-inch clay pots mostly because we had these in the house and it was really cold out this day so I didn't want to go dig around in the shed outside! If you use deep pots like these, you can put some rocks in the bottom to save your dirt and provide better drainage.

Then just plant in potting soil (you can use soil that is specific for catus if you want to, we already had regular potting mix so we used that, which works fine too).
See that one that looks like peas? It's a Senecio rowleyanus. Otherwise know as a String Of Pearls Plant. I really like that one. If it grows well it will have trailing stems that can grow to 3 feet long and clusters of small white flowers in spring.

And that one that looks really prickly? It's actually soft! We only used plants that are safe for the kids to touch.

Just give them a little water, you don't want to over water these!

And then, the part the kids will probably like best, go out and find all the cool things to add in to make it a good home for fairies (or elves)! Look for things like pretty rocks and interesting sticks outside, or marbles and beads inside. 

Put them in a sunny window and  keep an eye out for the fairies and elves! Or just enjoy all that green!

Do you like houseplants? What's your favorite?

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  1. Hi Jody, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving that sweet comment about my crochet and knitting work. Your kind words made me smile today! Happy New Year. I love this container garden you made for fairies or elves!
    Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

  2. This is lovely. We made something similar when my kids were small, they called it a dinosaur garden and put little pebble paths with small plastic dinosaurs peeking out from the undergrowth - lots of fun!

    1. I love that dinosaur idea, how clever! I will have to tell my son, he will want to do that! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. That's a nice gift to receive. I have some chicken & hen's but they are struggling, lately.

  4. Hi Julie! I'm still trying to learn crochet! I grabbed some of your knitting pins on Pinterest and hopefully I'll eventually be able to try some crochet too! Love your blog! Have a great New Year!

  5. Love how you involved the kids :) I think I will have to make a couple dozen gardens, I know there are fairies in my back yard - it's covered in clover lol. Thanks for linking to Meandering Mondays!

    1. Ha! Yes, sounds like you have a great home for fairies already! Thanks for visiting!

  6. I love the fairy garden. Thank you for sharing and joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. I am leaving some hugs on your sweet blog