Friday, April 25, 2014

More Planting....

After lots of cutting, clearing, and mowing we've finally gotten another area ready for planting! Here's what we were dealing with before...

This space will now be our orchard/edible perennial garden. We've gotten a few things in over the last few days and today's project was strawberries and grape vines.
 I plan to do a couple different strawberry varieties, but we started with Berries Galore for this first bed. These are an everbearing plant with big beautiful white flowers. You can also get this variety with pink flowers.

I ran out of daylight to get a picture of the finished bed, but you get the idea!

Next, Concord Grapes. We had these when I was growing up and I loved picking them from the vines and eating them. The skins can be a bit tough so we used to bite into them a little and then squeeze the fleshy part out of the skin into our mouths!

Last but not least, we did a  little more work on the new fence. 
So far, we haven't had to buy anything new for it, we've salvaged everything from stuff that was left laying around the farm over the years before we got here. One of the things we found was some very old barbed wire. I love old barbed wire. I had an Uncle who collected it and had hundreds of different types. Odd hobby, right? But it really is kind of cool....(or maybe that's just me?)

 I feel that often I can judge how good my day was by how dirty my hands was a great one! 

What are you working on this weekend?

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  1. Just found your blog from the blog hop at the chicken chick! I can't wait to get a chance to read thru it! Come see me at I just started and I have a tiny little "urban" farm right in the middle of town lol! :) Have a great day! JL~

    1. Hi Jaelle, glad to meet you! I'm on my way over to visit your blog! :)

  2. Nice work, and nice dirty hands. I agree, a good day's work is seen in my hands. :) I want strawberries and grapes, but am trying to figure out where to put them.

    1. Hi Andrea! Right after I posted this I discovered that in our forest area we have a bunch of raspberries growing! I'm hoping they'll be black raspberries since the ones I planted are red, but either way I'm pretty excited about finding them! If you have a fence around your yard that might be an easy place for grape vines. Also, this kind of strawberry I planted does well in hanging baskets if you have a place to hang them. Thanks for coming by!