Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Weekend In Pictures

Once again, a busy weekend that went way too fast! It was really nice outside for almost November. 
We got our generators running good and then moved a concrete slab to where our main electrical box is and moved one of the generators to it's permanent place (for the winter anyway) there. The other generator we are getting all ready to run too, but it will just be a backup that we probably won't need to hook up unless something happens to this one.
We also had to go get some more stuff from the garage at our other house, including my old saddle. Now all we need is the horse! The list of animals we'd like to have is long and I'm not sure how high the priority is on a horse but maybe in the next year or two.
We've been using these old dog houses that were here when we moved in but we're thinking we want to build something better for our pup so we hunted down some good wood we had leftover from another project and added Build Dog House to the things-to-do list.
I wondered over and looked sadly at the asparagus patch that we moved in too late in the year to take advantage of this year. I LOVE fresh asparagus. Oh well, next year...sigh.
We were ready for a short break by this afternoon.
So we watched the chickens running around (this is the one we kept in our backyard at our old house-really not sure we were supposed to have chickens in town, but anyway...)
And enjoyed this beautiful Fall afternoon.
 Only four more days til Halloween, so this week we'll be carving pumpkins, saving the seeds for next year (well, except for the ones we roast...maybe we better get more pumpkins...), joining in a few Halloween festivities around town, and of course trick-or-treating. 
Have a beautiful week!

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