Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday 'Round Here

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had a sick kiddo, but he's feeling quite a bit better today. Besides that, we had a good day with some family, friends, and lots of food!

As for today, I don't do Black Friday shopping. I didn't even do it when I lived in the city. There just isn't anything at the stores I want enough to get up that early and deal with the crowds and chaos for. I went one year a loooong time ago and my friends and I were nearly plowed over in a parking lot and it seemed that most people were so rude to each other in the stores, fighting over stuff to buy or over getting a place in a line. Basically, by the end of that day I was really struggling to maintain my Christmas Spirit, so now I stay home!

Today, we are getting some work done on the old farmhouse. We need to get some better heat upstairs. Not all the rooms have vents and on the cold nights it's only been in the fifties up there, even with the Edenpure. Unfortunately, this means running more electrical wires upstairs and therefore cutting a hole in the ceiling of the basement stairway.

And the upstairs bathroom floor.

Cutting holes is our new (old) house does not make me feel great, but I'm trying to keep in mind that Farmer D is a very smart and capable guy, and it will all be  good as better than new in awhile.

 We also need to get the downstairs bathroom expanded and add in a shower. 
Which means cutting out a piece of this room .

To expand this bathroom through this doorway into where that wood floor is.

So, that is how I'm spending Black Friday. Yes, I would rather be doing this than shopping today!

Plus, there was leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast this morning!

The breakfast of champions, right there!

How are you spending Black Friday?

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  1. Pie for breakfast, great idea :)

    Don't you just love Old Farmhouses :) I have one too! Good Luck with all your work!

  2. Thanks Sandra! It's coming along slooowly! :)

  3. I ALWAYS have that pie for breakfast the day after our Thanksgiving dinner too! :)

  4. Isn't it the BEST?! Thanks for visiting!