Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Tale Of The Leaky Roof

Fortunately, the leaky roof is not the one on the house. It's a little garage that we have on our property. It's one of those things we will probably replace someday, but for now, my husband put a bunch of tools in there. And then the roof leaked. Water was all over the tools, so he had to spend an entire afternoon out there drying everything and then moving it somewhere else. So my dear brother-in-law volunteered to come and help put on a new roof. The guys took some of the roofing that had been on that hog shed we're tearing down (that post is here and got to work. Unfortunately, within the first hour or so, my husband fell off the roof. The good news is, he was not injured, climbed back up, and this time they nailed boards to the roof to help them keep their footing.

Things were going along pretty smoothly.

(That's my bro-in-law in the red cap)

Until that red hat in the picture above suddenly disappeared. Yep, my brother-in-law fell off. He was a bit more scratched up than my husband, but he's tough, he got right back to work.

They worked hard right into the evening.

And then...bro-in-law....fell off....again! But never fear, my eighty-year-old Dad was close by and ran over to get under him and "break his fall"! They both hit the ground and rolled down a small hill together.

What can I say? Once a cowboy, always a cowboy. Dad still comes to the rescue at every opportunity.
They are (thankfully!!) both ok. Bro-in-law is a little sore, Dad is right as rain. :)

At that point, it was time to call it a day.

Especially since I like to go to bed with the chickens, and I sure can't sleep with those three out there up on a roof!

I sure do love those boys!


  1. Oh my word! I'm glad they were all okay! I hate it when my hubby gets up on the roof (which isn't nearly that steep!) and stay outside the whole time he is up there. They did a nice job! :)

  2. Thanks Candy! I couldn't believe they had so much trouble! Both my husband and bro-in-law do construction work, so usually they're fine with this stuff, I think they must have both been having an "off" day! Thanks for the nice comment!

  3. Yikes. Leaky roofs are always a worrying thing. Hope the leaks didn't damage the stuff you've got stored in there. In any case, we should always deal with these types of problems promptly, whatever the situation or context.

    Ruben @ ARRoofing

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