Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Attack roosters and eggs

Some of the first animals on our farm are the chickens that the previous owner left here for us. We love that we have them but they include a few Sumatra roosters which are beautiful birds,  but they were originally imported to the US as fighting roosters and are often quite aggressive. After a couple attacks we're learning to watch our backs around them and warn our visitors!

We also have about as many roosters as we have hens which is presenting a problem in the number of eggs we are getting. From about 20 hens we are only getting about 5 eggs per day. Having all those   roosters just puts way too much stress on the hens. Ideally, we would need no more than 2 roosters for our 20 hens. Soooo, some of these guys may need to be relocated soon. Until then, at least they have a much nicer home after we did a good cleaning of the chicken house, built a new roost, and got better feeders and waterers set up for them.

 The next big chicken project to complete sometime before next Summer is to move the chicken house to a new location further from the house. The flies and chicken smell are a little too close to our back door where it is now! It's so nice to watch the chickens all out in the yard though, and having fresh eggs is wonderful. I love not only the taste of fresh and free-range eggs but also just the color, that gorgeous sunny yellow!

 Well, off to collect eggs....

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