Monday, September 30, 2013

Harvest and a baby doll bed fix-up

I sure hope that next year at this time this post will be about my own harvest, but since it was too late in the year to plant by the time we got here this year, I'll just have to enjoy the neighbors harvesting this time. The fields have all turned the golden color of fall and the farmers around us have been getting the machines out and getting them ready.

The hay has been cut and baled, the cows moved to the last pasture of the season to eat the remaining grass before it's all gone for the winter. For us, this year the harvest means a little extra income in rent from our grain bins and our wonderful new neighbors stopping by to offer combine rides to the kids. Of course, the (small) downside is that once the harvesting starts the mice will get evicted from their homes in the fields and we will spend months trying to keep them from taking up residence in our house! I really dislike mice, especially if one does get in the house, but it's a small price to pay for everything I love about living out here.

The boys have been hard at work organizing one of the garages with some of the workbenches and tools. I'm not sure if they've noticed that this is on the side of their man cave...
..but i think it's cute.

And while they're doing that I started working on a doll bed that Farm Girl will be getting for Christmas. I found it in my parents old barn, and it wasn't looking too good.
It needed some new nails, a new leg, and some sanding for starters. That part is done, and now I'll be painting it pink and then sewing all the bedding for it. It's much sturdier (and will be way cuter!) than a cheap bed we could've bought her from Walmart or somewhere. I'm looking forward to the kids getting more homemade gifts this year because I know they will love them and they will be more meaningful. I remember all the dolls, doll clothes, quilts, wooden games, many other handmade gifts I got as a child and I love that I have the memories of getting things my family worked hard to make for me, they were my favorite kind of gifts.

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